Video Production Services

Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro Packages


Promotional Video

Commercial video, Vancouver, Canada

There are many different types of marketing videos that can be delivered by our company: Promotional video, Commercial spots, Social media video, Product video or simple product testimonials. All these formats are the powerful tools for small and medium local businesses to promote their brand or services on the local market. Using our commercial video production services in Vancouver you will receive a unique video to get people to know more about you. We use all our vast marketing experience to produce one-of-the-kind promotional video helping with your business goals.


Corporate Video

Corporate video, Vancouver, Canada

We offer a wide range of corporate video production services: Corporate films, Recruiting videos, Product explainers for a sales team, Motivational videos, On-location B-roll footage producing for PR media library, Video leaflets, Real estate videos, Corporate teasers and many more. Change the image of your company, attract new auditory, show main corporate benefits, motivate your team or recruit new team members: these are the challenges to be solved with our corporate video production department.

Kickstarter Video

Kickstarter Video, Vancouver, Canada

Kickstarter video is a great way to fund your independent project, and an outstanding product video is the surest way to reach your goal in PR, building the community around your product, boost the awareness of your brand, and get first pre-orders. This type of video production already become a separate genre, with its own rules, guidelines, and restrictions. We are experienced in creating ideas for Kickstarter videos and Indiegogo videos or any other standalone fundraising video platforms, as well as HD and 4K footage production, talent and locations scouting, an advanced video editing with music overlay and animation effects. 

Product Video, Demo Video

E-commerce video, product demo video

We help online retailers make their e-commerce product listings stand our so they can boost their sales without spending to much time and funds on product video marketing. When it comes to product video production and tabletop shots, we will deliver a demo video of your product with high professional quality.  We will consider your creative input and the specific needs of your brand to make high-quality beauty product shots in a studio or outdoors that will convey your message in a deeply engaging manner to boost sales on your website or Amazon.

Event Video Production

Event Video Production, Vancouver, Canada

We can perform a professional HD video shooting and editing for any Vancouver events: Special events, Fashion shows, Corporative anniversary, Trade shows, Conferences, Product launches, Branch opening, PR tours, Corporate strategic meetings, and other celebrations. Whether your event requires a simple one-camera shoot or a big multi-camera production including all sorts of audio, lighting, and gear, we will fulfill your specific needs.

Branded Content

Branded content for social media

In an era of social media, many brands understand the importance of the image part of the branding that works for awareness and customer loyalty so we created an appealing, interesting, shareable social media video content with a smooth and relevant integration of the brand. That can be travel destinations video series, online cooking shows, educational content, How-to tips, video blogging episodes, online product reviews,  basically, anything that your target audience might find fun, educating, engaging and share-worthy in social media.

Real Estate Video

Real Estate Video, Vancouver, Canada

The professionally made real estate video is something that attracts the best buyers for your real estate listing or your construction company.

We can capture your luxury property or facility in Vancouver from all possible angles to highlight its benefits and best sides to the prospective customer. We also produce aerial shooting with Drone and interior shootings as well and assemble the HD footage of the property to beautifully made, slick video using last trends in post production and color correction. 

Documentaries, Shorts

Documentary video, Vancouver, Canada

One of the most beautiful and complicated genre in filmmaking. We have a special passion for documentary videos because we believe that there are no greater and amazing stories than those that happened truly in people's life. We love to hear the stories of self-made persons, the ones who beat all circumstances and fight for their life, rights, family, passion. Come and tell us your story and we put it in a beautiful picture frame. Our team is also available for hire to help in producing short length films and videos for Cinema festivals and competitions.